Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I need to have a large yard space?

A: Not at all, at least 30 x 30 ft. However, the yard space should be level and free from large rocks, trees or any other potential hazards.

Q: What if I do not have a backyard?

A: Indoor parties are always an option. Local parks, recreational centers, and community rooms all work as well. However, it is the clients responsibility to obtain a permit for the usage of the space.

Athletic parties can also provide an outdoor yard space equipped with tables and chairs. The space is located in a residential area in North White Plains, approximately 60 x 40 ft. To rent our space, there is an additional fee of $150.00, which will be added to any party package.  Please view photo gallery for pictures of the outdoor venue.

Q: What happens if it rains or we need to cancel for any reason?

A: Rescheduling/Cancellation

You will be allowed to reschedule/cancel your event one time, three days prior to your party due to inclement weather forecast, illness, etc. You must reschedule your party within 30 days of the original party date or you will forfeit your deposit. Cancellation must be made in a written format, and agreed upon by both parties. If you have scheduled an outdoor party and rain is in the forecast, hosting the party indoors is always an option.

Q: How much space is needed for an indoor party and what will the party experience be like?

A: Indoor party space required is about the size of a typical classroom. The indoor party package is the Cooperative Activity package which is usually 45 minutes, but can be extended to 60 minutes. Children will engage is a variety of motor movement games such as, Geometric Shapes, Identify the Traffic Sign, Freeze Dance, Limbo, Musical Chairs, Hand Speed Game and other team building activities. We have indoor party plans for ages ranging from 3 to 8yrs.

For 45-minute Cooperative Activity party package: $225. Price includes up to 15 party participants. For any amount over 15, please add $10 per participant.

Q: What ages are appropriate for an Athletic party?

A: We can entertain a wide range of ages (4-12yrs.) all at the same time in any one of our party packages. All of our activities/games can be modified to increase the level of success for all involved, including the parents.

Q: How qualified are your party entertainers?

A: Athletic Parties only hires Physical Education teachers or individuals with extensive youth coaching experience.