There’s a New Game in Westchester County NY for Children’s Party Entertainers!

Attention all Westchester County Parents! There’s a new game it town for children’s party entertainment in Westchester County NY, and it is bringing a whole new philosophy and spirit to the table. What makes Athletic Parties different from the traditional clowns, magicians, face painters, and animal experts is the fact that we truly inspire our participants to strive towards reaching their goals. Coach Richards has helped change the lives of hundreds, if not thousands of children over the past 15 years of being a Physical Education Teacher.

As one student recently wrote: “Thank you for being the most amazing P.E. Teacher there could ever be! Your confidence in me has been a source of inspiration…Thank you for showing me what achievement means…” The participants of our parties walk away with a sense of accomplishment and knowledge that will help them live a healthier lifestyle. Coach Richards learned to be a positive role model for boys and girls ages 4-12 due to the guidance he received from Douglas Gene “Silly Pop” Thomas as he grew up. Together, Coach Richards and Silly Pop make an incredible team that is sure to please the parents while making a positive impression on the children.

For more information on our different party packages and availability, please call Coach Richards at 914.318.0614.

Great Party Ideas for Kids in Westchester County – Athletic Parties!

Athletic Parties provides excellent Kid’s Party Entertainment in the Westchester County Area due to our mission to educate, develop a positive character, and promote physical fitness through play. Coach Richards and Silly Pop make a great duo with their positive energy and all-inclusive attitude. The party participants and parents can walk away from our parties having been entertained and educated in the field of physical education for kids.

We make a great addition to any party for children in Westchester, Fairfield, or Rockland, either as a feature performance or part of several acts that you may hire to entertain your children. Call 914.318.0614 to find our more information about our Sports Clinics, Cooperative Activities, and Field Day Fitness Kid’s Parties.

Kid’s Party Entertainment at it’s Best in Westchester County!

Athletic Parties throws some of the best Kid’s Parties in Westchester NY, due to our high level of expertise in motivating large groups of boys and girls ages 4-12. Coach Richards is excellent in dealing with both highly energetic and less active kids, and always gets everyone involved in the fun activities that he brings to the party. Our Phys Ed Class inspired parties teach the values of teamwork and cooperation, while burning off the excess energy from cake and candy.

Our parties are quite affordable, and are guaranteed to put a big smile on both the kids’ and parents’ faces! Call 914.318.0614 to book your party today.

How about a Sports Activity Themed Kid’s Party in Westchester NY?

Athletic Parties of Westchester, NY has the perfect solution for burning off the cake and candy, while teaching boys and girls ages 4-12 valuable lessons in cooperation and wellness. Our phys ed. themed parties are sure to be a BIG hit with the kids and parents alike. Kids have a blast at our parties learning valuable skills and teamwork, and they go home looking more to take a nap then bounce off the walls. 15+ years of teaching and coaching experience ensures the parents that their kids are safe in the guidance of true educational professionals. We look forward to engaging your kids in fun, fitness, and teamwork!