Great Party Ideas for Kids in Mt. Kisco NY

As a parent, you know how difficult it is to entertain your child and their friends for their birthday or special events. Each year you are trying to top last years’ event, attempting to find the next unique kids party. There aren’t lists of “unique toddler parties” or unique birthday parties to choose from – but finding this article you are now at least keyed in to a type of party that is great for kids ages 4 thru 12.

As kids we all spent countless hours running and playing outdoors, what we didn’t know was how beneficial that was for us! The key behind “Athletic Parties” is that everyone is included in the action and they leave the party or event with big smiles from all of the fun they’ve had.

Children playing outside are more likely to be adventurous and open to new experiences than a child who lives life vicariously – parked in front of the television set or computer. Outdoor play fuels the imagination of children and teaches them how to be resourceful by creating their own entertainment. It also brings them closer to nature.

Of course there are also the more obvious health benefits of playing outside such as positive benefits on the heart and a reduction in the risk of certain diseases such as diabetes and obesity. Running and jumping builds stronger bones and muscles. How many children are getting enough vitamin D? The best source of vitamin D is the sun and when a child spends all his time indoors, his risk of developing a vitamin D deficiency is high – which could lead to health problems later in life.

At “Athletic Parties” we utilize our more than 15 years of Physical Education experience. Our Indoor and Outdoor Party Packages emphasize Teamwork, Cooperation, and Encouragement. The “No Bullying Allowed” policy creates a positive and all-inclusive atmosphere that parents appreciate. From the party goers point of view, it’s a great opportunity to play fun, supervised games with their friends – and have a great time.

Here is what this mom had to say about an Athletic Birthday party for her child.

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Unique Party Ideas for Toddlers and Kids in Westchester County

You may have seen a recent news story about parents who pay “specialists” over $400 an hour to teach them how to have play dates. Have our kids gotten so wrapped up in their smart phones and video games that they have forgotten how to ‘play’? Unique Toddler activities and Unique Birthday parties in Westchester are even harder to pull off.

As a parent, how are you supposed to entertain children whose main source of stimulation is in their thumbs? The answer is to get them active! At “Athletic Parties” we believe we have the answer for you!

Think about it … an “Athletic Birthday Party” is just the type of unique birthday party your kids and friends will be talking about for weeks.

Our Phys Ed Class inspired parties for kids 4-12 teach the values of teamwork and cooperation, while burning off the excess energy from cake and birthday goodies. With 15+ years of teaching and coaching experience ensures the parents that their kids are safe in the guidance of true educational professionals. We look forward to engaging your kids in fun, fitness, and teamwork!

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Bringing Sports Home in Westchester NY With Athletic Parties

It’s true that in today’s world, much of our children’s time is occupied by technology. In the day of video games and iPod apps, there is not much to be left to the imagination. However, physical fitness is now just as, if not more, important than it had been in the past. For this reason, Athletic Parties wants to offer you the opportunity to bring fun home, in the form of physical fitness.

The best way to encourage kids to get out and get active is to lead by example. By placing an emphasis on fitness yourself, kids will begin to see and understand how important activity really is. Studies have shown that more active parents tend to have children that lead healthy life styles. By bringing this activity directly in to your home with Athletic Parties, together we can motivate children to have fun while getting fit. We believe in making fitness fun, so all of our parties are tailored to what kids expect from a birthday party or other celebration. Additionally, through our outdoor and on the go games, kids will appreciate the power of getting active and will want to continue to do it again and again. Bringing fun and physical activity together, Athletic Parties is the perfect way to celebrate your child’s next big event!

Party Entertainer For Kids In Westchester County NY

Hey, Westchester Parents! Face painting, clowns, and magicians are always fun at parties but in today’s day and age, kids look for much more. For your sports-loving son or daughter, this is a fool-proof birthday-party option. Kids get to play various sports and participate in a variety of games that will build life skills that they will hold on to for the rest of their life. We even offer indoor or outdoor parties. Of course, a qualified instructor is on hand, too. Coach Richards and Silly Pop have dedicated their lives to work with children and bring smiles to their faces. Best of all, the birthday child, will have a blast and enjoy their party. The participants of our parties walk away with a sense of accomplishment and knowledge that will help them live a healthier lifestyle.

Children are our future, and the future depends on their health. Implementing a positive lifestyle with a good diet, physical activity and good morals ensures that our children will in turn be role models for the next generation. Our program focuses on the benefits of a proper exercise program while having fun. We emphasize teamwork, cooperation and encourage all to do their best. We are not just party entertainers, we help kids build life skills while participating in fun activities that will benefit their lives. Coach Richards has helped change the lives of hundreds, if not thousands of children over the past 15 years of being a Physical Education Teacher. Together, Coach Richards and Silly Pop make an incredible team that is sure to please the parents while making a positive impression on the children.

Take a quick look at one of our amazing parties:

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Another Satisfied Customer Offers Praise for Athletic Parties of Westchester County NY – Premiere Kid’s Party Entertainment

Hey Westchester Parents! Athletic Parties is taking the kid’s party entertainment industry in Westchester County by storm this summer. This is due to the fact that we bring the fun and excitement of a Phys. Ed. Class to your child’s party or event. Are clowns, magicians, and face painters fun? Sure they are. Do they bring an educational and inspiring theme to the party? Well, let’s just say we’re not here to bash the competition. Coach Richards and Silly Pop are sure to leave a lasting impression on your party goers, and the kids will be encouraged to live a healthier lifestyle by the time we are finished with the fun!

With childhood obesity reaching epidemic levels in this country, it is time to change the way we look at recreation and fun for kids. Rather than centering your next party around cake, candy, and soda, how about bringing in the inspirational duo, Coach Richards and Silly Pop. Parents love watching their kids have fun, burn calories, and work as a team. Parents also love how well their child sleeps that night after all of the activity!

Check out the video from one of our satisfied customers:

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Indoor Party Entertainment Options for Kids in Westchester County NY

While outdoor parties for kids in Westchester County are always great when the weather is nice in the summer, we can work around the rainy days and cooler weather of the fall, winter, and spring with our Indoor Party Packages. If you have a large enough space in your finished basement or family room, then we can accommodate a decent sized cooperative party for your kids. Games such as Duck-Duck-Goose, Musical Chairs, Hop Scotch, Limbo, Freeze Dance, Red Light/Green Light, Treasure Hunt, and other various cooperative activities work well in both indoor and outdoor settings.

Safety is always our #1 concern, so particular activities may not be included in your Indoor Parties Package if the chosen space is deemed to be unsafe or too small to be used for our activities. To help solve this potential issue, we have connections throughout the Westchester County Area with local gyms and rec centers, which are willing to rent their space out to us for reasonable rates. Whether you choose to have your party in the back yard, a local park, family room, or at your community rec center, Athletic Parties will always bring the fun and excitement of a phys. ed. class to you child’s next party or event!

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