Another satisfied customer

Hi Coach Richards!

Thanks for being so flexible with the party and location. It was great! As you can see, they are an active group of boys–you managed to keep them engaged and enjoying the activities. Good thing you left before the pinata which was very INTENSE!😉
Thanks again! We would definitely recommend your company to friends and I’d be happy to provide a more detailed testimonial!
The Sapadin Family

The kids came home and could not stop talking about the games

Another HAPPY customer, Athletic Parties

Hi Jarrett,

I just wanted to say thank you again for Michael’s birthday party yesterday. The kids truly had such a blast and I got such amazing feedback from my friends…kids came home and couldn’t stop talking about the games (especially tug of war). Everyone was so impressed with your organization and how you were really able to sustain the majority of the kids attention.

So thank you for everything. I hope that some of my friends hire you for their parties in the near future!

-Corrie Jacobs

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Another Satisfied Customer

The feedback was all positive. People took note of your preparedness and the skill with which you had the kids interested and entertained. You made me look good for finding you, so thanks for that! You can be sure that we will ask you to help with future events. I appreciate that you were able to roll with the punches in working with the schedule (or lack thereof). That’s the way it always is when the youth event is built around what is happening with the adults … so thanks again for helping make it a success and exactly what we had hoped for. And yes, the boys would not be denied dodge ball!

Ben Lehrfeld