Unique Party Ideas for Toddlers and Kids in Westchester County

You may have seen a recent news story about parents who pay “specialists” over $400 an hour to teach them how to have play dates. Have our kids gotten so wrapped up in their smart phones and video games that they have forgotten how to ‘play’? Unique Toddler activities and Unique Birthday parties in Westchester are even harder to pull off.

As a parent, how are you supposed to entertain children whose main source of stimulation is in their thumbs? The answer is to get them active! At “Athletic Parties” we believe we have the answer for you!

Think about it … an “Athletic Birthday Party” is just the type of unique birthday party your kids and friends will be talking about for weeks.

Our Phys Ed Class inspired parties for kids 4-12 teach the values of teamwork and cooperation, while burning off the excess energy from cake and birthday goodies. With 15+ years of teaching and coaching experience ensures the parents that their kids are safe in the guidance of true educational professionals. We look forward to engaging your kids in fun, fitness, and teamwork!

Athletic Parties services are quite affordable, and are guaranteed to put a big smile on both the kids’ and parents’ faces! Contact us at 914-318-0614 to book your party today.