Indoor Party Entertainment Options for Kids in Westchester County NY

While outdoor parties for kids in Westchester County are always great when the weather is nice in the summer, we can work around the rainy days and cooler weather of the fall, winter, and spring with our Indoor Party Packages. If you have a large enough space in your finished basement or family room, then we can accommodate a decent sized cooperative party for your kids. Games such as Duck-Duck-Goose, Musical Chairs, Hop Scotch, Limbo, Freeze Dance, Red Light/Green Light, Treasure Hunt, and other various cooperative activities work well in both indoor and outdoor settings.

Safety is always our #1 concern, so particular activities may not be included in your Indoor Parties Package if the chosen space is deemed to be unsafe or too small to be used for our activities. To help solve this potential issue, we have connections throughout the Westchester County Area with local gyms and rec centers, which are willing to rent their space out to us for reasonable rates. Whether you choose to have your party in the back yard, a local park, family room, or at your community rec center, Athletic Parties will always bring the fun and excitement of a phys. ed. class to you child’s next party or event!

For more information on our different party packages and availability, please call Coach Richards at 914.318.0614.